Library Policies



  1. Exceptions to library policy are made ONLY by the Director or authorized designee.
  2. All donations of books and other materials automatically become the property of the Library.  Disposition of donated items is at the Library’s discretion.
  3. If a patron objects to a book, the Library Director will provide a complaint form.  The procedure is set forth in the Collection Development Policy (Section 3).
  4. Current announcements may be displayed on library premises only by nonprofit organizations at the discretion of the Director.
  5. Artwork or other items shall not be accepted for sale or consignment by the Sedona Public Library.  The exception is Friends of the Sedona Library fundraising projects where 100% of the profits from the sale of such items benefit the Library.
  6. Food and drinks (except water in unbreakable, covered, “sport bottle” type containers) are not allowed in the public areas of the Library during business hours.
  7. No animals are allowed in the Library except guide dogs.
  8. Gathering of signatures for petitions and soliciting of any kind is not allowed on Library property.
  9. It is the policy of the Library that should raffle tickets be sold at the Library, the Library will be the beneficiary of all of the ticket sales, and that the Library shall receive 100% of the funds raised from the ticket sales. 
  10. Each committee chairperson shall give the Director of the Library reasonable notice of committee meetings, their time, place and agenda.  Upon receipt, the Director shall email (or otherwise notify) all Trustees of the information received.  Each Trustee shall be allowed to attend any committee meeting and to participate in the discussion conducted therein.
  11. All contractors doing business with Sedona Public Library are required to show proof of liability insurance with a value of $1 million or more.
  12. Any problems not specifically addressed within this policy will be handled by the Director.


  1. A library card must be presented to check out materials.  Exceptions are at the discretion of staff members only.
  2. Replacement fee for a lost card is $5.00.
  3. Adult applicants for a Sedona Public Library card must provide identification by showing one of the following in List 1, and verify local residency by showing one of the following in List 2. Timeshare ownership does not qualify as proof of local residency.

    List 1

    List 2*

    Valid Driver’s License

    US Mail

    US Passport or Government Issued ID

    Vehicle Registration

    DES Identification Card

    Checkbook or Bank Statement

    ADOT Identification Card

    Voter Registration

    Matricular Consular Card

    Utility Statement

    Mexican Voter Registration Card

    Post Office Box Receipt with Name


    Lease Agreement or Purchase Contract

    * Timeshare ownership does not qualify as proof of local residency.
  4. General Delivery addresses, mail or paychecks will not be accepted.
  5. Patrons who own land in Yavapai or Coconino Counties but have an out of County or State permanent address may have their own library card when they present evidence of ownership (e.g.  property deed, property tax bill), acceptable identification AND easy contact information (e.g. local address or phone number).
  6. Patrons applying for a new library card will be limited to checking out two items from the collection.  Upon receipt of their library cards, which will be mailed to their address of record, they may check out the same number of items as established patrons.
  7. If a patron cannot show proof of residency, they must have a “Visitor’s Card” in order to check out material.  Visitor’s cards will be issued upon receipt of a $50.00 deposit, acceptable identification AND easy contact information (e.g. local address or phone number).
  8. The $50.00 deposit is refundable, less a $5.00 processing fee, when the visitor’s card is returned, no fines or fees are outstanding and the original receipt for the deposit is presented.
  9. Library cards for young people will be issued with the following requirements: Age 18 and Under must have a parent’s identification (or current library card) and that parent’s signature and the signature of the applicant.
  10. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior.


  1. A valid library card must be presented to check out materials. A maximum of 50 items per card is allowed. These items may include:
    1 Popular DVD
    1 Popular book
    1 Popular CD audiobook
    5 each of the following: DVDs, videotapes, CD audiobooks, cassette audiobooks, Playaways, and music CDs.
  2. Check out is for three weeks, except for DVDs, which may be checked out for one week only. Items may be renewed, unless they are on hold for another patron.
  3. During school class visits to the Library:
    Children may check out materials on their own library card, or;
    Children may check out materials on either the teacher's card or that of an accompanying adult. The adult is then responsible for those materials.
    Children are not allowed to check out materials on another child's card.
  4. Materials may be brought into the Library for renewal or renewed on the Sedona Public Library Web site. Renewals over the telephone are handled by staff and authorized circulation desk volunteers.
  5. Library card holders who accrue four (4) "discharge claims" (e.g. claimed returned, claimed never had) must meet with the Director, Head Librarian, or Circulation Department Head to discuss those discharge claims.  Use of that library card is suspended until such meeting. No further discharge claims will be allowed.
  6. Patrons with long overdue items will have a replacement cost including the processing fee assessed against their patron account.
  7. All overpayment moneys are to be put into the donations box.
  8. The Library is not responsible for money put in the drop-box.
  9. Missing items (e.g. tapes that complete a set or missing CD's) will accrue a late charge of $.15 per day until returned.
  10. Overdue fines are $.15 per item per day.
  11. The maximum fine for an overdue magazine is $.75.
  12. The maximum fine for all other returned overdue materials is $3.00 per item.
  13. Items from other libraries may incur higher daily and maximum fines.
  14. Any patron who owes a fine of $3.00 or more may not check out library materials until the fine is reduced to below $3.00. If a patron wishes to make a partial payment before the $3.00 limit is reached, it will be accepted.
  15. Replacement prices for library materials which are lost or damaged beyond repair are standardized according to category.
  16. All fines are calculated by counting Sundays and holidays. Material returned in an off-site book drop accrues fines up to the last collection date preceding the recovery of the item.
  17. On weekends and holidays, materials returned in the library book drop are assumed to have been returned after closing on the last working day of the week and charges are figured accordingly.
  18. There is a $15.00 fee for returned checks.
  19. If a patron does not pick up a book placed on hold through the Yavapai County Network, or does not call to indicate the item is not wanted, there is a $1.00 fine per item.
  20. Volunteers are automatically members of the Friends of the Sedona Library.
  21. Based on the patron’s financial need, the Director, Head Librarian or Circulation Department Head may establish a repayment schedule for the remittance of overdue fines or lost book charges.


  1. Patrons who use the interlibrary loan system must have a Sedona Public Library card.
  2. There is a $3.00 charge per interlibrary loan item received from out of state libraries to defray postage and other expenses.
  3. Non-book interlibrary loan items (periodicals, bibliographies, etc.,) are charged at the rate of $1.00 per item.
  4. There shall be a $ .25 fine per day for overdue interlibrary loan books. 


  1. Patrons who use the Network loan system must have a Sedona Public Library card.
  2. There is no charge for materials ordered through the Network system.
  3. Patrons who order materials but fail to pick them up will have a $1.00 per item charge assessed against their patron account.


  1. Parents may not leave children under age ten unattended in the library.  Disruptive children ten and older will be asked to leave after receiving one warning.
  2. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior while in the library.  Attended children under age ten who are being disruptive will be asked by staff to behave.  If disruptive behavior continues, a staff member will inform the parents that their child is disturbing others.  If the parents refuse or are unable to control the child, the family will be asked to leave.
  3. Children must be picked up promptly after programs.  Children may not remain outside the library waiting to be picked up.  The Sedona Police will be contacted to take custody of children left alone outside after closing hours.

If you wish to see the Librarys entire Policy as it pertains to the use of the Library, you may request to view it at the Library.


This collection policy was designed to assist those making selections of materials for the Sedona Public Library. It is a guide in considering such issues as material selection, challenged books, and gifts.

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