Village News

By: Cheryl Yeatts
For: The Villager
Date: July 2013

Do you remember when the Library in the Village was nothing more than a cardboard box located in Weber’s IGA? In 2005, many individuals were instrumental in opening the first Library Service Center in the Village of Oak Creek. Today, as circulation and patron door count at SPL-V increases, so do the responsibilities of the Sedona Public Library in the Village Committee.

The Sedona Public Library in the Village Committee plays a vital role in the function and success of the Library service center. This committee is responsible for advising the Trustees and Library Director on the status and needs of SPL in the Village. The Committee is comprised of members of the Board of Trustees, Friends of the Library, the Director of SPL, the Manager of SPL-V, a library volunteer and VOC residents.

Members of the committee collaborate with organized groups in VOC, such as the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council and the Village of Oak Creek Association. They identify sources of funding and explore fundraising opportunities to assist with operating costs of the Library. They promote SPL in the Village by writing columns for the local newspapers and posting information on the SPL website, kiosk, and Facebook. They also send e-mail blasts about library events to VOC residents. Finally, the committee is instrumental in planning library programs in the Village. These programs include guest speakers from the Arizona Humanities Council and community books discussions held at Sedona Winds.

Thanks to the SPL-V committee for their hard work and efforts to support Sedona Public Library in the Village. If you have questions or need information about Sedona Public Library in the Village, please contact a member of the SPL-V Committee: Anne Uruburu, chairperson; Pat Jansen, President of the Sedona Public Library Board of Trustees; Leigh Shafer, President of Friends of the Sedona Public Library; Kathleen Klitzke, Gwen Hanna, and James Williams, Jr., Library Trustees; Bruce Vegter, SPL-V volunteer; Virginia Volkman, Director of SPL; Dotte Vande Linde, former Manager of SPL-V; and Cheryl Yeatts, Manager of SPL-V.

Upcoming Library events in the Village:

  • Don’t miss the Arizona Humanities Council program “Hopi Summer” featuring Carolyn O’Bagy Davis on Wednesday, July 10, at 1:30 p.m. at Sedona Winds Retirement Center, 405 Jacks Canyon Road. Following the presentation, you may pick up your books for the August community book discussion.
  • As part of the ongoing Sedona Public Library in the Village Rotating Artist Series, Larry Kane will display his photography at the Village location beginning Tuesday, July 16. Some of Kane’s photography will be available for purchase. A reception for the artist will be held at SPL-V in the courtyard of Tequa Plaza on Wednesday, July 24 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sedona Public Library in the Village is located at 7000 Highway 179, Suite C-102. The Library is located in the courtyard of Tequa Plaza. Library hours are 1-5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. The Library is closed Sunday and Monday. When the Library is closed, please return library materials to the book drop box. If you have questions or need directions to SPL-V, you may contact Cheryl Yeatts, manager, at 928.284.1603 or

Sedona Public Library is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, supported by donations and grants. Your tax-deductible donation may be sent to: Sedona Public Library, 3250 White Bear Road, Sedona, AZ 86336. Thank you for your continuing support of free library services in the Village of Oak Creek.

Cheryl Yeatts
Village News appears monthly in The Villager and is also presented on Sedona Biz.
Cheryl Yeatts is Manager of the Sedona Public Library in the Village.