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By: Virginia Volkman
For: Red Rock News
Date: July 27, 2012

Limited Services During Library Reorganization  August 2, 3, 4

If you’ve been using Sedona Public Library, you’re probably accustomed to where your favorite books are located.  You can walk through the front door and head right for the DVD section or the books on CD. Most of us appreciate familiarity, but occasionally, changes to an established arrangement are necessary. During the first week of August, we’ll be moving much of the adult collection to different areas of the Library.

Because of the move, most of the materials in the adult collection will be unavailable on Thursday, August 2; Friday, August 3; and Saturday, August 4. Take the opportunity during the next few days to stock up on extra books, audio books, and movies. 

We’ll be moving the new books, DVDs, videotapes, and audio books to the center of the Library.  This will allow us to put the nonfiction books in a more logical arrangement on one side of the Library. We hope that this rearrangement will improve access to the materials.

Besides improving access, other considerations have prompted this rearrangement.  Have you noticed how crowded the DVD section of the Library is?  As one of the most popular areas of the collection, it’s constantly growing and needs more space. 

The audio book section is also growing and needs more space. There are now many different types of audio books, and we’ve been adding newer formats such as MP3 CD and Playaway. 

By moving the video and audio materials to the middle of the Library, we’re consolidating the non-book materials into one area.  The Spanish-language collection will be relocated to the new book shelving.  The reference books will be moved to the shelves currently housing the Spanish-language collection.  The Arizona collection will also move closer to the front of the Library.  

The young adult nonfiction books will be relocated so that they’re adjacent to the young adult fiction.  A teen area will be established in that space. 

During the three days that the rearrangement is taking place, staff will have access to materials and will be doing our best to fill holds that are placed.  So continue to place your holds, and most of them will be waiting on the pick-up shelf for you.  Additionally, popular materials will stay where they are and be available for checkout.  The Children’s Room will be unaffected by the move and will be open as usual.

Here’s a summary of the temporary changes to library services you can expect during the move:

  • While items are being rearranged on the shelves, they will be unavailable for checkout
  • Daily newspapers will be available in a temporary location in the lobby
  • Seating in the main section of the Library will be unavailable
  • Except for Saturday morning, the Si Birch Community room will be available for laptop computer use with WiFi service, and tables and chairs will be set up for reading
  • Most of the Library’s computers will be available for use, but there will be more noise than usual

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please ask one of the staff to assist you if there’s a specific item you’re looking for.

The new arrangement may seem confusing at first to those who have grown accustomed to where things have been.   We’ll be happy to guide you through the new layout starting August 6.  Those of you who frequent the fiction and biography sections will feel right at home, as those books will remain where they are.

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Virginia Volkman is Director of the Sedona Public Library.