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Library News

By: Mia Fliers
For: Red Rock News
Date: January 21, 2011

Sedona Public Library in the Village is moving!
SPL in the Village will be closing the 56 W Cortez Drive location at 1:00 p.m. on January 22.  We will open at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 1 at C102 Tequa Plaza.  The bookdrop will be available at W Cortez through January 29 and be available at Tequa Plaza on January 31.  Thank you for your support and donations to continue library services in the Village.

Tips from the Library Circulation Desk

To help our patrons use the library and navigate the new online catalog and a little more easily, we would like to pass along some of the tips we have discovered as well as answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Your library card is now the only one you need for all 50 + libraries in the Yavapai Library Network.  No more duplicate cards!  However, with so many patrons now in our database, there is a greater chance for duplicate names.  We want to be sure that your items are checked out only to you. Having your library card with you whenever you check out items is the best way to ensure this.  However, should you not have your card, we will ask for your driver’s license or other picture ID.

“What is my PIN number, and why do I need it?” is an often-asked question from patrons trying to access their account, either from home or on the electronic catalogs at the library.  Your pin was automatically assigned to you when we migrated to the new system on June 30.  It is most likely the last four digits of your telephone number.  We hope it is easy to remember.  However, if you prefer another 4-digit number, just ask the reference librarian.  We can change it in seconds.  The pin number keeps your account information accessible only to you.

If you log in with your barcode and PIN in the upper right hand corner of the screen first thing, the catalog will remember your card number, PIN and preferred pickup location throughout your session. You'll know you have done this if the log in box is replaced with the word "Welcome!"

Patrons many times ask about Hold Items.  Often the question is “when will it get here?”  Here is why we can’t tell you that:  if the item is checked out, we can’t guarantee when the patron will return it.  We want the patron to return it on or before the item is due, but that may not happen.  If the item is coming from another library, we have no control over when that particular library is open (many have cut back their hours and even days). We don’t know when they schedule pulling items off the shelves, or how often the courier comes to that library. (Our courier comes to Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek five days a week.)  Once the courier picks up the item, it goes to the warehouse in Prescott for pick up and distribution to the requesting library.  You can see that determining when an item may come in for a patron sometimes requires some guesswork.

Another issue: “I have an item on hold, and I have been first on the list for over a month. What is happening? “   If the item on hold is from another library, that library’s patrons will get that item first, even if you are ahead of them on the list.  That also means we try to make sure our patrons get first choice on our items. If it is a new item, it may still be in processing either here or at another library.  We can check that for you.

Your best help when searching will come from the reference desk. There is a two-way screen at the counter, which will let us help you learn how to better search, either at the library or from home. Sometimes a patron will ask “Can you point me to a section so I can browse? “  The Dewey decimal system is designed by subject.  So the more specific you are about what you want, the better we can help you find it. For example, if you ask for the history section, we need to know whether you want American History, Ancient History, or The History of the Pencil (and yes, there is a title by that name!)

Sometimes a patron receives a notice from us, or has logged onto their account from the website and needs to talk to someone. Our volunteers at the Circulation Desk would love to help you, but they aren’t always able to rectify problems.  Our paid staff can, and they will do everything possible to make the situation right.  We are happy to try and answer whatever questions you may have.  Just ask us!

Mia Fliers
Library News appears each Friday in the Red Rock News and is also presented on: Gateway to Sedona and Sedona Biz.
Mia Fliers is Head of the Circulation Department of the Sedona Public Library.