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By: Virginia Volkman, Library Director
For: Red Rock News
Date: January 8, 2010

Visit the Quilt Show and Update Your Library Card

There are two compelling reasons to come to the library in January.  The first is the Annual Quilt Show which runs through February 11.  The second is to make sure your library card is up-to-date.

The Library’s Annual Quilt Show is another stunning display of local creativity and imagination, organized by Patty Krause of Quilter’s Store Sedona.  Quilters throughout the community are graciously sharing their work with you as we pay tribute to the beauty and art of quilting.  Take a journey though the library to view more than 60 quilts throughout the main room and in the Si Birch Community Room. 
Be sure to pick up a handout prepared by Patty.  The introduction reads:  “We are especially fortunate to witness ample examples of the traditional techniques of needle-turn appliqué and hand quilting.  Even a large bed quilt has been hand quilted.  In contrast, the contemporary art quilts combine new techniques and become a playground for our imagination.  With this handout you can read about the inspirations and stories behind the quilts, as each quilt does have a story to tell.”
To whet your appetite for the quilt show, consider the work that was needed in order to create just two of the quilts.  “Paris Street, Rainy Day” is Ursula Lancaster’s interpretation of “Rue de Paris; temps de pluie” by Gustave Caillebotte.  Ursula drew the faces in color pencils and printed them on fabric.  She learned this design technique through the Quilt University with her teacher, Marilyn Belford.  The quilting includes free-motion embroidery.

Patsy Kittridge based her design for “Sedona Sunflowers” on some of her photos of sunflowers in a field.  The idea was to place the flowers against a dark background to make the yellow pop.  She did not realize that the leaves would co-star.  Techniques include piecing and raw-edge machine appliqué.
Do you have a library card? If so, have you used it recently?   Now is the time to make a trip to the library to update your card if you haven’t checked anything out of the library within the last three years.  

The Sedona Public Library is a member of the Yavapai Library Network.  In March the network will be migrating to new software, called Symphony, and we’ll be updating the patron database before the switchover.   Outdated and unused cards will be deleted from the database in February, in order to have a more accurate listing of patrons.

Currently each of the libraries in the network has its own list of patrons and as you move from one library to another, you must add your library card information to that library’s database.  For example, when I received my new card in June it was good just at the Sedona Public Library.  When I wanted to check out a book at the Cottonwood Public Library I didn’t have to get another card, but my Sedona library card number had to be added to the Cottonwood Library’s list of patrons.

A universal patron database will be created as part of the migration process.  It will make it easier for you to use multiple libraries.  Your card will automatically be recognized at another network library and there will be no need for you to duplicate your card at each library you visit.

The decision to switch to a new system became necessary because Dynix Classic software, which we currently use, has not received an upgrade in several years and will no longer be updated.  The SirsiDynix Corporation announced that the only Integrated Library System it will continue to improve is the Symphony software, so that’s the product that the network chose.  Remaining with the current company is advantageous from a financial standpoint.

When we joined the network in 2000, it increased the number of resources available to our patrons from 60,000 to 600,000. Today, more than one million items are available to borrow either directly from a network library or have them delivered to you at the main library in Sedona or at SPL in the Village.  You can locate the items by searching the library’s catalog.

The online catalog will also have a new look, but will be easy to navigate.  One of the advantages of the new catalog will be the ability to limit your search to an individual library at the beginning of your search.  So if you want to know whether Sedona Public Library has the latest John Grisham book on the shelf, you’ll enter the author’s name and be able to select Sedona as your library of choice before clicking on the search button.  You’ll also have the option of searching all libraries in the network from the first screen. 

  Most of the migration changes will not be evident, as they will be on the library staff side of the software.  Your patience will be appreciated as we learn the new software and smooth out any wrinkles that appear.  As always, the library staff and volunteers will be available to help you with any questions you have regarding your account and to help you search the catalog.  We look forward to seeing you at the library for the quilt show, to update your library card, or for any other reason!

Virginia Volkman, author of this week's article,
is Director of the Sedona Public Library.

Library News appears each Friday in the Red Rock News
and is also presented on: Gateway to Sedona and Sedona Biz.