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By: Ann Meiggs, President-Elect of the Board
For: Red Rock News
Date: June 26, 2009

New Faces, New Talent for Library Board of Trustees

Each year a “Rite of Spring” occurs as Sedona Public Library recruits and interviews candidates to fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees.  This year there were five vacancies created by the departure of trustees whose terms had ended.  The new trustees are installed at the June Annual Meeting of the Board which is open to the public.

The individual trustees bring a wealth of talent and diversity to the Board coming from management and leadership positions in business, libraries, education, finance, technology, and other disciplines.

A couple of questions always come up when we are interviewing candidates for the Board.  What prompted them to apply to be a trustee of SPL? In addition, what unique contributions do they feel they can make to the Board? The responses from each person are reflective of their experiences with libraries and books, and the knowledge and experience gained from their educations and careers.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you:

Laura Lawrie- “I applied to be a trustee of SPL because I have been a volunteer at SPL and wanted to be more involved in the governing of the Library.”

“I am the daughter of a librarian, so my whole life has been spent enjoying and advocating for libraries.  I also am the mother of two young children, and therefore will bring a different perspective to the Board.  I still enjoy a successful career in academic publishing, and that, as well as my interest in and knowledge of technology, will be something that I can tap into as a trustee.”

Mark Roseman- “The public library is always my anchor to the community no matter where I have lived.  The children’s librarian opened my world to books and how a library card was a key to learning.  I was prompted to apply to be a trustee because the prospect of working toward continuing education, within an effective and forward-looking library, greatly appeals to my sense of the Sedona community.”

“I can draw upon my 21 years as a trial attorney that taught me the importance of listening.  I bring to the Board these listening skills coupled with a practical approach toward solving problems which may challenge the Board now and in the future.”

Sandra Immerso- “A Friend of the Library who thought my educational skills and linguistic abilities would be an asset to the library prompted me to apply. As an educator, I love reading and the environments of libraries.”

“As a parent and educator I'd like to be a trustee who helps to encourage our youth to use the library, and promotes the expansion of the English/Spanish program at SPL.  I hope to be productive in the resolution of these and other challenges which will face the Board. I look forward to working with other like-minded citizens who desire to continue such a great library in Sedona.”
Anne Uruburu- “Libraries have always been important to me ever since I received my first library card at age six.  Since retiring in 2005, I have been a volunteer at SPL working the Computer Desk, the Circulation Desk, the Festival of Wreaths, and participating on the 50th Anniversary Celebration committee, chairing the Author Series Program.  As we face new challenges (funding issues, exponential growth, and a new director), I want to contribute to the SPL future however I can.”
“As a Healthcare Administrator and Executive Team consultant, my organizational skills helped me find many win-win solutions to complex, diverse operational situations /problems. These skills coupled with an optimistic, ‘can do’ attitude may help me become an effective, outcome-oriented trustee.”
Pat Whitfield-  “I  have been impressed with the wonderful programs offered by the Library for community members across the spectrum.  And, having been a teacher and educator  for 40 years, I am very committed to literacy, whether “book readin’”, technological, or cultural.  Our Library does all that!”
“Our Library is an important educational component to Sedona and I believe I can be helpful in getting the word out and engaging elements of the community who may not yet be involved.”
The trustees who will continue on the Board are the five members of the Executive Committee.  They will provide the continuity and experience to assist the new  members. They are Sheila Hoffmeyer, President; Ann Meiggs, President-Elect; Marv Hofmann, Past President; Rose Boerner, Secretary; and Roger Shlonsky, Treasurer.
Many of the trustees also volunteer at the library on a regular weekly schedule. They are part of our cadre of  more than 130 regular volunteers  who “donate” over 1500 hours each month. This number translates to 16 full-time paid staff members each month. The paid staff and volunteers, in a collaborative partnership, operate the library day to day. 
Because SPL is a private public library our Board is a governing  board rather than an advisory board, so the responsibilities and burdens of our trustees are weighty. The trustees manage all the fiscal, policy, planning, and property matters of the Library and hire and supervise the Library Director who manages the library operations. The Board of Trustees is responsible to you, the Sedona community at large.
In contrast, most community libraries are truly public libraries operated, funded, and managed by a governmental entity, with boards which act only in an advisory capacity.
The Board of Trustees values the donations of time and money we receive from our Sedona area community. We also value your comments and suggestions on how we can continue to provide outstanding library services for our patrons of all ages and a library that continues to grow and evolve with our culture and technology.

Ann Meiggs
Ann Meiggs, author of this week's article,
is President-Elect of the Board of Trustees of the Sedona Public Library.

Library News appears each Friday in the Red Rock News
and is also presented on: Gateway to Sedona and Sedona Biz.