imageInternet Access


Release of Liability


Sedona Public Library:

  • 28 Internet computers with one-hour sessions for the general public 13 years of age and over, and 4 Internet computers with 15-minute sessions.
  • 4 children’s Internet computers with 30-minute sessions for ages 13 and under.
  • 2 early literacy computers (no Internet access).
Access an Internet computer using your library barcode number or a guest pass:
  • Log in to any library computer if the screen shows that it is available.
  • Make a reservation at the reservation station if all computers are in use.
  • Patrons are permitted two sessions per day.
  • Internet computers shut down at the end of each session, and all data retrieved or entered during a session is permanently erased.  Flash drives for saving data are available for purchase.

For visitors:  To use the Library’s Internet computers, visitors and non-card holders need to check in at the Reference Desk to request a guest pass.

The Library has 5 catalog computers for accessing the Yavapai Library Network catalog.  This gives patrons access to the resources of over 50 libraries in Yavapai County.

Printing is $ .10 per page for black and white only.  Instructions for printing are at the self-service print station behind the Reference Desk.  Print jobs will expire after two hours.

Computers will shut down 15 minutes before the Library closes. 

Village of Oak Creek Service Center offers:

  • 5 computers available to the general public for 45-minute sessions. 


Sedona Public Library offers free wireless Internet access.

While visiting the Sedona Public Library, look for one of these wireless networks in your Available Networks list:

  • SPL1X
  • SPL2X

Request Password/Passphrase at the Reference Desk.

Encryption security:  The SPL Wireless networks use WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK.  If WEP appears to be the only option for encryption on your computer, your hardware or software needs to be upgraded.  Our system supports 802.11 b, g, and n.

While visiting the Village of Oak Creek Center, look for the wireless network SPLVOC1 in your Available Networks list.  Request the Password/Passphrase at the desk.

If you need help, please ask at the Reference Desk.

Release of Liability

Once drivers for wireless adapters are installed on the patron’s computer, they are the responsibility of the owner.

Patrons having wireless adapters installed in their systems to be used with Sedona Public Library’s wireless access points understand the possible risks of connecting to wireless networks, which include but are not limited to the following:  loss of data, corruption of software, loss of privacy and exploitation of resources, and infiltration of viruses, Trojans and worms, which may cause damages including but not limited to the following:  loss of time, energy, and monetary resources, as well as emotional, social, psychological, physical, and financial distress.

The patron assumes all responsibility for any and all possible annoyances, inconveniences, or catastrophes resulting from the installation and use of the wireless system, no matter how trivial or significant.

The patron will release from liability and hold harmless Sedona Public Library, and its employees, volunteers, and board of trustees.

All users of the Sedona Public Library’s wireless access points will be subject to the Internet Use Policy of Sedona Public Library.